My name is Ruma, and I am a smoker

Have you ever asked yourself; what role does smoking play in my life? Am I a really addicted to smoking? Since the first cigarette I had, I have asked these questions to myself.  I was 16 years old when I had my first cigarette and knew that I had control over it. I told myself, “I can quit whenever I want, I won’t get addicted”. I convinced myself, “I am not really a smoker, because I can quit”. I never admitted to smoking, and had a plan that I would quit when I got married. But when I got married, it didn’t seem like the right time. My next opportunity to quit was when I was planning to have a baby, but that was too stressful and didn’t seem like the right time either. The time was never right.

I was slowly starting to realize that smoking was controlling my life, and I did not have control over the smoking, it had control over me. I felt like I was at an AA meeting, trying to admit to myself that I am a smoker. I had to say “My name is Ruma, and I am a smoker”.


As I begin my first introductory blog, I am admitting I have an addiction, and smoking is a significant part of my life. I am currently 5 months pregnant and have quit smoking. However, I think about smoking every day, and it is still a part of my life. Over the next couple of months, I will explore my journey of pregnancy and smoking. I am hoping that my story will provide some encouragement and support to others.

Have you tried to quit smoking during pregnancy, what was your journey?

3 thoughts on “My name is Ruma, and I am a smoker

  1. Thanks Ruma for sharing. I am a maternal shared care coordinator for our clinic. It is valuable to have personal accounts to draw upon when seeing maternal patients who are still smoking. Knowing that others have the same struggle offers support in an indirect way. Joyce


    • Hi Joyce,

      Thank you for your response. I agree, sharing experiences about smoking and pregnancy is supportive. It can be motivational for both the smoker and health professionals which are helping smokers to quit.


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