Embarrassed? Ashamed? Guilty?

These are feelings that may come every time a cigarette is inhaled, especially when your’re pregnant and expecting, but still smoking. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to kick the habit, and I am sure I’m not alone.

My name is Llew and I’ve been a smoker for about 9 years. I am 24 years old and currently pregnant with my second child., I have a beautiful daughter who is soon to turn 3. Unfortunately I could not bring myself to quit smoking during my first pregnancy, and it’s looking to be the same for my second as I am currently around 32 weeks pregnant and still smoking.

“Just quit”. “Don’t think about it”. “It can’t be that hard to quit”. I’m sure these are things every smoker has heard. But for most frequent tobacco users it is so much easier to say it than to actually do it.

Over the years I have tried to quit smoking, with several failed attempts. By the time I began high school,I found myself to be addicted to the habit as most of my friends were older than me (a lot of them being smokers), though it wasn’t anything new to me as several members in my family were smokers as well. My first attempt to quit was in  high school as  the school I attended had begun a Quit Smoking campaign which offered students support, tips and advice on tobacco use and how to quit. There were very few of us who were able to quit for a period of time., Personally, I was able to stay smoke -free for about 4 months until the stress of being a student and peer pressure got the best of me. Well those are the excuses I used anyways. The health risks caused from smoking alone should be a reason to stop, but so many people such as myself just can’t or won’t.

Even being pregnant I still find excuses as to why I smoke including the very common “I just need one” or “I have so much stress”. I hope the story of my journey related to smoking through the years (including during my pregnancies) will help other woman with the habit as I plan to explain tips and coping mechanisms which I have been taught and personally have used to quit and cut back my tobacco intake.

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