I Quit Smoking in Pregnancy…

When I self-reflect on my journey of quitting smoking in pregnancy, I am not sure what actually triggered me to stop. There are a couple of components that I ponder:

  • Smoking in pregnancy has been labeled in society as “Taboo”. Was it societal pressure that made me quit?
  • Smoking in pregnancy can cause preterm labour, and other complications. Was it my maternal instinct to protect and care for my baby, which gave me courage to quit smoking?
  • The smell of smoke in pregnancy made me feel nauseas and triggered vomiting. Did this physiological symptom help me quit?

The obvious question that I am trying to answer is…….How did I quit smoking in pregnancy? I do not know the exact day or time that I had my last cigarette.  I got pregnant through fertility medication, and throughout my treatment I was still smoking. I thought that quitting during  treatment would increase my stress levels. During my fertility treatment, I used e-cigarettes and cigarettes. The e-cigarettes helped with keeping my hands busy, and it helped with the habitual addiction. For instance, when I would get into the car, I would light up a smoke, however with the e-cigarette I would just have a couple of drags and feel the same sense of habitual pleasure.

After receiving the fantastic news of my pregnancy, I knew I had to quit smoking. So I just stopped ‘cold turkey’. I did not use e-cigarettes or any smoking cessation aids. Even though I can’t say what actually helped me quit, I feel all of the 3 components above played a role in helping me to quit.

How did you quit or reduce smoking during pregnancy?

7 thoughts on “I Quit Smoking in Pregnancy…

  1. I would absolutely love to learn more about this, as I’m a smoker and am not yet a parent or expecting…but motherhood is my calling for sure. ^_^ I’m concerned that (like you with your fertility treatments) quitting will stress me out and have a chain reaction affect when I’m expecting..but at the same time, I don’t want to risk my future children’s safety! Great post. 🙂

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    • I totally understand your feelings and concerns. I had a duality of having to quit smoking to increase my chances of getting pregnant, but not smoking also increased my stress levels that could have a negative impact on getting pregnant. When I was trying to get pregnant, everyone told me “be calm and don’t stress”……then how was quitting smoking going to help me decrease my stress and help me stay calm? Smoking relaxed me and kept me calm.

      Honestly, I did what I thought I could handle at the time, and reducing smoking during fertility treatment is what I could handle. Being honest to myself, and what I could handle helped me. Do you know what you can handle?

      What else would you like to learn about the affects of smoking? Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions, I am happy to share my experience and help others.

      Thank you for your post

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      • Thank you! I mean, I hate to seem like I’m going to be an awful parent, or that I don’t care about the safety of my children, because that is not the case at all. But I just was curious on how serious it IS to not smoke during pregnancy.
        Doctors will always say “DON’T EVER. IT’S SO BAD” When in reality, we don’t know WHY they say that, so we just have to take their word on it.
        I mean, I read premature birth, and low birth weight.
        However, how preemie are we talking? Like to the point of dangerously premature?
        And the same with the low birth weight. Are we talking 6lbs? 5? Is it a matter of “low birth weight” being like, NICU dangerous? Or is it just smaller than the “norm”?

        I absolutely wouldn’t want to risk my child’s life or health, but if their only concerns are that the child may be a little premature or a little light, AS LONG as the baby is still healthy but not necessarily within the ranges that they prefer, I don’t see why it would be an issue?
        Again, I mean I’m pretty certain I’ll be quitting cold turkey, 100% once I’m pregnant, but I’m a skeptic and I can’t help but to question the severity.
        Just like when medication says “do not take while drinking alcohol”. My thought process is “yeah, why not? Does it make it not work? Or maybe you’ll get drunk quicker? Or is it a FATAL COMBINATION AND YOU’RE GOING TO DIE?”
        Lol. 🙂

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  2. Your story just gave me some inspiration about my next post! I run a blog about e-cigarettes. Anyway,the important thing is you quit. Some women don’t have the same reaction you had when they are pregnant and continue to smoke with a baby inside of them, that’s crazy.

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    • Hi,

      Where is your blog about e-cigarettes posted? When I was using e-cigarettes to quit, I could not find a lot of information or research. Through my research, I found out that E-cigarettes are still new, and the affects on the fetus are unknown. I was worried to post about e-cigarettes, because I did not want my readers to feel it is a safe method of quitting smoking….because I do not know if it is safe. What are your thoughts?

      Thank you for your post.


      • Yes I do, its mrlongdrag.com, please check it out. I remember waiting for 3 months before I finally decided to buy my first e-cig because I didn’t really know much about them or what to expect. I wished I had bought it sooner, and that led to me putting up my blog.

        As for the health issues, my opinion based on my personal experience is that vaping is not at all dangerous. Critics argue that the contents of e-juice are unknown, therefore they aren’t safe to use until further research has been done.

        The fact is that these ingredients being used by the e-juice manufacturers are ingredients that can be bought at any Walmart or CVS. As you mentioned, vaping is new. There really isn’t a big corporate company in vaping that has access to tons of chemicals they can put into their products. Most of these business owners are independent, DIY, family owned businesses that get their products where everyone else gets their them. These same products are FDA approved. If you go on YouTube you’ll find a bunch of tutorial videos on how to make your own juice, notice the ingredients they use.

        Now, there are some theories as to why the FDA does not want to give its approval to vaping just yet, even if there are numerous credible studies showing that e-cigarettes were the most effective in getting people to quit smoking.

        Our government makes billions off of tobacco taxes, to which a lot of this money goes to government projects, hospitals, and other things of importance. What would happen to this revenue if people stopped buying cigarettes and just started vaping?

        They need to find a way to tax vaping so it can compensate the lost revenue in taxes when people stop buying tobacco products. The problem is, e-cigarettes cannot be classified a tobacco product because it has none in it.

        My guess is that they are looking for a way to get around this or trying to find some argument that shows e-cigarettes are evil and need to be taxed like alcohol and tobacco.

        So these articles saying e-cigarettes are dangerous to me are nothing but delay tactics by the FDA and/or government until they can figure out a way to create a revenue through vaping.

        Sorry if my reply turned out to be a blog post, lol, its just something I’m obviously a little passionate about. 🙂

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  3. HI Mercedessparkle,

    Thank you for your honesty and openness; many expecting parents are probably thinking of the same questions you are, but do not have the courage to ask the questions. The online blogs help us to have an open communication without judgement.

    In my opinion, since you are asking about the risks, you are already being a caring and concerned parent. Learning the risks will allow you to make an informed decision of quitting. Premature birth, and low birth weight have been linked to smoking….however you are right, we do not know the percentage of risk, or the exact numbers. I am sure, there have been lots of studies in regards to this. Premature babies are not ready for the world and have a lot of health issues.

    I have also heard, that the addictive behaviour of smoking is a learnt behaviour during pregnancy. For example, if a mother is addicted to smoking and smokes during pregnancy, the fetus will have similar addictive behaviour (which may or may not be to smoking).

    I am glad you are thinking of quitting cold turkey when you get pregnant. I was unsure, if i would be able to quit when I got pregnant…but a maternal instinct kicked in and I quit.


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