Facts vs My Reality


Random fact: In Canada, approximately 13%-18% of pregnant women use tobacco during pregnancy (Health Canada, 2011)

Even though, I quit smoking during pregnancy, my journey has not been easy. I think of smoking on a daily basis. Sometimes, I even can’t wait not to be pregnant….just to have 1 smoke or even just a drag.

Random Fact: At least 30-40% of smokers quit during pregnancy – which is far higher than the cessation rates amongst the general population; moreover, the majority of those who quit report doing so “spontaneously” – or on their own – without formal intervention (Health Canada, 2011).

In September, I had a really stressful week; I wanted to have a smoke so badly. I felt like it would help me calm down and just focus. I was arguing with my husband and he was smoking, I couldn’t hear anything that he was saying…I was just focused on his cigarette and was thinking “Let me just grab his smoke and have one drag”. I did not have a drag, and I am very proud of myself….but it didn’t make me feel any better or more confident in my ability to really quit smoking.

Random Fact: Relapse rates vary, but are approximately 25% before delivery, 25% within one month postpartum, 50% within four months postpartum, and 70%–90% by one year postpartum.

Smoking is addictive; however I feel there are many addictive components. Even though I may not be physically smoking, my mind, my attitude, my actions are still of a smoker. So, I question “have I really quit smoking”???

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