My Top Five Reasons That Make It Hard to Quit

  1. Routine – The routine or habit of smoking when I wake up, after a meal, at the bus stop, at the next bus stop, with a coffee, with a coffee at the bus stop, the list goes on;
  2. Mental Addiction – The way my brain convinces me I need it or want it;
  3. The Physical (hand-to-mouth) Habit – The habit of hand-to-mouth or the feel of the smoke as it hits and fills my lungs. It’s hard to quit when I sometimes just plain don’t want to or when I miss smoking;
  4. Seeing other people smoke – I don’t like the idea of placing blame on others for my own bad decision but when I’m trying to quit and I see others do it in public, it makes me dislike them. Maybe it’s jealousy from missing smoking. Sounds silly as I type it (being jealous over or missing such a nasty habit);
  5. ‘The Mommy Break’ – We, as Moms, all need time for us so that we can have a release or time to relax away from the daily grind of parenthood. For a lot of us, it is hard to pull ourselves away or we guilt trip ourselves, feeling like our children should ALWAYS come first. Our children should come first but not 100% of the time. I have faced a harsh reality that to be the best I can be for my kids, I have to be mentally healthy and have my own time to unwind. Enter: ‘The Mommy Break’. My mind has convinced me that there is no better way to escape, unwind and reward myself than to sit outside with a coffee and a cigarette with a friend that doesn’t speak baby babble like my fiancé (if kids are sleeping) or just by myself.

What other reasons have made it hard to quit smoking for you?

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