What is Tobacco?

I have been trying to understand my addiction to Tobacco, therefore I decided to research “what is Tobacco?” Is the power of this addiction soley on me, or do I experience similar difficulties as everyone else that has tried to quit? Are my dream episodes about smoking a personal experience or does everyone else who tries to quit smoking….dream of having a smoke?

The relationship between human beings and the Tobacco plant have a long history. The book ‘Pharmako/Poeia – Plant, Powers and Herbcraft, by Dale Pendell” has been an interesting companion in my personal journey in trying to understand this Poison- Tobacco.  The book discusses thought-provoking interactions between the consciousness of the user (me) and the consciousness of the plant (Tobacco). Pendell gives great respect to the tobacco plant because of its powerful and addictive components. Tobacco has a lot to do with energy and it has similar qualities of food. Tobacco instigates cravings, similar to the need of having to eat food. Tobacco grows like food, and becomes a necessity like food.  Tobacco has food like qualities…and is accompanied often with coffee or tea….or anything with caffeine in it.  Also, tobacco is common element in trying to reduce weight, for instance girls will smoke to lose weight or will hesitate quitting because of the risk of gaining weight. Since, I am pregnant and gaining weight anyways, this really has not been a concern to me. However, I do miss my cigarette after a large dinner, I felt like it helped me to really enjoy or end a great meal…..or to start the day…or end the day…or start a break…ahhhh…I do miss my tobacco. As Pendell clearly states ‘All the treachery of beloved poisons is evident in this plant. It is a stimulant, a tranquilizer, a narcotic, and, if we are to believe the ethnobotanical reports, a hallucinogen, it is also the most toxic plant regularly used by human beings.”

I agree…this makes sense why it is so hard to Quit and why my dreams are so disturbed.

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