My Top Five Reasons That Make It Hard to Quit – Part 2 The Things I do to Make It Easier

In my last post, I talked about the top reasons why it’s hard for me to quit smoking. This week, I’m revisiting these reasons and discussing strategies that help me overcome my urge.

1. Routine – The routine or habit of smoking when I wake up, after a meal, at the bus stop, at the next bus stop, with a coffee, with a coffee at the bus stop, the list goes on.

  • I change the routine by one small thing at a time. I do something else, something positive and fun to distract myself from the old habit.
  • To distract myself at the bus stop I read a book that grabs and keeps my attention, or surf Facebook or the internet on my phone;

2. Mental Addiction – The way my brain convinces me I need it or want it.

  • Sometimes telling myself I don’t need it works.
  • Usually trying to remember the reasons why I want/need to quit works best, and then constantly reminding myself of those reasons. The best reason of all for me is that I want to be around as long as possible for my kids and family;

3. The Physical (hand-to-mouth) Habit – The habit of hand-to-mouth or the feel of the smoke as it hits and fills my lungs. It’s hard to quit when I miss smoking.

  • I keep my hands and mouth busy.
  • I keep my hands busy with things I enjoy like crocheting and crafts.
  • I keep my mouth busy by chewing my favourite gum or eating a healthy snack like celery and carrots sticks with dip;

4. Seeing other people smoke – I don’t like the idea of placing blame on others for my own bad decision but when I’m trying to quit and I see others do it in public, it makes me dislike them. Maybe it’s jealousy from missing smoking. Sounds silly as I type it (being jealous over or missing such a nasty habit).

  • I keep my distance as much as possible from those who are smoking.
  • I remind myself that smoking isn’t something to envy;

5. ‘The Mommy Break’ – My mind has convinced me that there is no better way to escape, unwind and reward myself than to sit outside with a coffee and a cigarette with a friend that doesn’t speak baby babble like my fiancé (if kids are sleeping) or just by myself.

  • I have that long-awaited soak in a relaxing HOT bath, instead of the daily co-bath with my infant.
  • After that bath, I treat myself to a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) home spa treatment like lotions and relaxing room scents.
  • Or, you know, sleeping when baby sleeps is good too J

What other reasons have made it hard to quit smoking for you?

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