How Do the Holidays Affect Your Quitting?

Luckily, since I smoke outside and not in my home, I get a little deterred from smoking too much during the winter. It’s cold in Canada! But…I still find it harder to quit smoking during the holidays. Here are some reasons why:

I get the feeling of wanting to indulge. Since a smoke right after eating a meal, especially a large meal, is very satisfying for me I find it very tempting to eat lots of yummy things and then follow up with a smoke.

  • I smoke when I drink. I have drastically cut down my alcohol intake in the past few years. It has been non-existent in my last two pregnancies. However when I do get to indulge with a couple alcoholic beverages, I smoke…a lot.
  • I have friends/family who smoke. The holidays usually mean spending lots of time with family/friends and well, when they smoke it’s hard for me not to. Especially if they drink too.
  • Ever experienced the chaos of children on Christmas morning? LOL Enter: ‘The Mommy Break”. I’ve managed to pick up everything I wanted to give to them (while experiencing cart rage with other holiday shoppers), lovingly wrapped those gifts and snuck them under the tree. Now they shriek with joy and have covered my entire living room with boxes and paper. I love capturing those bright smiles on the camera but when it’s all said and done, it’s nice to sit with a coffee and smoke and ponder over my success.

Do you find it easier or harder to quit smoking during the holiday season?

Share your reasons in the comments below.

Be safe and happy this holiday season and Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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