Letter to My Unborn Baby

Dear Baby,

The expected due date for your arrival is Dec 27, 2014. I cannot wait to meet you. Words cannot describe how special and important you are to me. However, today I am writing you this letter to try to express a tiny glimpse of my affection towards you.

Little baby boy, you have been my strength and my inspiration. When I received my results of being pregnant, my attitude and decisions in life changed drastically. I have a natural need to protect and give you security. I love you more than you can imagine.

I am not perfect, I have made wrong choices in my life, and I have also done things that I am embarrassed of. Since I want to be a great role model, I am hoping to keep all these things a secret from you. However, I want us to be friends and be able to discuss life’s challenges, choices and create a bond that is non-judgemental. Therefore, I have decided to tell you a secret about myself. I did not want to tell you, but I think that telling you will only strengthen our relationship. I am hoping it will also help you to feel that you can talk to me about anything.

I started an awful and embarrassing habit of smoking when I was a teenager. When I first started smoking, I thought that I would be able to quit whenever I wanted…however, I just could not quit because I was addicted to this strong substance that took over my life. When I found out I was pregnant, I quit smoking immediately. This was difficult and was a challenge, but your health and wellness is my number one priority. I am sorry, if I exposed you to the smoke before getting the positive results. I am sorry if I have hurt your development in any way. I am praying you are healthy and live a long ,healthy life.

As you grow up, you may have peer pressure to smoke, I know from experience that it is easy to start smoking, but hard to quit. I know that I can tell you this and you may not want to listen to me. Just know, that one day you will be a father, and you want to be healthy and make the right decisions for your child……as I did for you.

I love you deeply,

Can’t wait to meet you J

Love Mommy

2 thoughts on “Letter to My Unborn Baby

  1. What a wonderful expression of love, I pray that this commitment carries through all the years of raising a child. The sacrifices are so small when you look back and see all the gifts a child brings to our lives. God Bless!

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  2. Thanks for sharing this letter, I plan on forwarding the heartfelt message of love to others who are struggling to stop smoking during pregnancy. Speaks to father’s as well.:) Hope you have stayed strong in your commitment.


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