How I will speak to my children about smoking.

When I was younger, most people around me smoked. My parents smoked, in the car, in the house as well. Neither of them spoke to me about smoking, about it being bad, or the affects it could have on me, or the people around me. My mom smoked while she was pregnant with me, smoking just seemed… normal. My mother started buying me cigarettes when I was under age, she figured it would be easier for her to buy them, than for me to keep stealing the, or finding other ways to purchase them. When my husband was a child, his father did not smoke but his mother did. He was even younger than I was when he started smoking. It was also influenced by friends he had that were older than him. He used to steal cigarettes from his moms packs, but when he got caught, instead of explaining to him that he shouldn’t smoke, she was just concerned about him stealing. I do believe that part of the way our parents handled things was partially due to the fact that there wasn’t quite as much information available to them as there is to us now. It also was not expressed how severe the affects could be.

Unfortunately, it is inevitable. One day I will have to speak with my children about smoking. We already speak to our oldest about it, she asks questions, and we answer her to the best of our ability. We have been raising her with the truths of smoking, and we will continue to do that. It is definitely difficult to talk to her about it without scaring her too much, because I don’t want her to be scared or too worried about her daddy. With our son, we will do the same. The tactics that our parents used regarding us and smoking, are nowhere near what we would like to do with our children. I do not plan to ever purchase cigarettes for my under age children, if they can’t even go to a store, and buy them, they definitely should not be smoking them. If one or both of my children came to me and said that they tried smoking and wanted to continue, I would get them in touch with any resources that I possibly could to help quit. I would especially not want my daughter to smoke while she is pregnant, if she chose to have kids.

There are many different resources for teenagers whether pregnant or not to help them quit smoking. Listed below are a few I found in Durham Region, Ontario.

2 thoughts on “How I will speak to my children about smoking.

  1. I wished my parents had been more honest with me about smoking. All I heard about were the negatives, the addiction, the illness. To be honest, all that did was make me wonder why people smoked in the first place. Which led to curiosity, and eventually me trying it. I’m not sure what they could have told me to prevent me from trying it at all, but I do know that their negative message did sort of work. It think if it hadn’t worked at all, I would currently be a regular smoker. I think it is important to let kids know why people don’t want to stop, can’t stop or find it difficult to quit. My parent’s answer was always something to the affect of, “Well they are addicted, it means they can’t stop. That is why they smoke.” That wasn’t enough for me.


    • Thank you very much for taking the time to read my post and share your thoughts about it it! I do agree with you, if they hadn’t gotten through to you at all, chances are you would be a regular smoker. So kudos to them for putting enough effort in to talking to you about smoking at all πŸ™‚ I like when you say it wasn’t ebough for you that people would just be addicted and that is why they smoke, I feel the same.

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