Smoking After Giving Birth

I wanted to think I would have a seamless transition of staying an ex-smoker after childbirth. Sadly no, that was not the case. Here are some reasons why:

Even though this birthing experience was slightly shorter than my first and second, bringing another person into this world is hard work! After the stress and worry was finally over (for that phase of parenthood) I really, really had the urge to “calm down”, “take the edge off” or “reward myself” with a cigarette.

  • I’m not exactly one that loves staying hospitals and a couple quick “mommy-breaks” were needed.
  • Once we got home, there was still a need for that mommy-break.

I have guilt associated with becoming a smoker all over again, because of the third hand smoke and the nicotine that presents itself through my breast milk. I’m nursing and very dedicated to not giving up on our journey. Perhaps if I keep reminding myself, the guilt will be enough to try quitting again. There is a good chance we will be trying again for another baby (sooner than later, we’re not getting any younger!) and I want to be 100% smoke-free before this happens 🙂

There is sometimes a need for intervention, encouragement and reminder of the successful times I have quit and reminders of how to do it again. I found this page Smoking After Giving Birth on the Pregnets community discussion board very helpful.  It reminded me of the benefits there are to quitting and when I may see those benefits take affect. For example, the timeline of how your health improves the longer you quit smoking.

Quitting continues to be a struggle for me but I am still hanging in there because I know my ultimate long-term goal is best for everyone, most of all myself.

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