Breaking habits

As humans we are habitual creatures. I am a person who likes routine and structure in my life. Therefore, being habitual allows me to fulfill the need of routine and structure. Cigarettes have been a habit that I used to structure my life. For example, I would have a smoke after my morning tea, after a large meal or when I was stressed. Basically, smoking helped to break the day into manageable increments of time. My day would start by waking up, having my tea and a smoke. Then at work, 1030am would roll around and I would have a smoke break. Lunch time…well, you get the idea.

During my pregnancy, I quit smoking and didn’t feel the need to smoke in my daily routine. I thought about smoking during pregnancy, however I did not need it after my morning tea or after a large meal. I was content without smoking.

Since, I have given birth to my son; I have felt the strong need to go back to my normal routines and habits.  For example, I did not eat sushi during my pregnancy, but once I gave birth I started craving sushi…I feel the same craving for a smoke.  I think about smoking all the time, and feel I need it to function. In pregnancy I got a strong internal power not to smoke, however I feel I have lost that strength. I am not sure how to control the urge not to smoke. I thought I broke the habit in my pregnancy….but I obviously did not, because I am still thinking of smoking.  Has anyone experienced the same feeling?

5 thoughts on “Breaking habits

  1. I totally can relate with how you are feeling. I started vaping, without even really trying to quit smoking at first. I just liked the hawaiian punch e-juice my friend had. I slowly started to notice the difference and just started to like vaping more thank smoking eventually. I love the different flavors and being able to vape in my house without the smoke and odor. I would recommend that based on my experience on how I dealt with my craving by accident.

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    • Thankyou for your response. It is supportive to know others struggle with similar feelings.

      I tried the vapor during pregnancy, but i didn’t like it. I should try the vapor again. Does the vapor you get have tabacco?

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      • I would suggest vaping rather than going back to cigarettes which is the worst thing you could do to yourself.

        No, e-juice does not contain tobacco which is good news. It does contain nictotine, but that is optional. You can buy e-juice that is zero nicotine, so it pretty much is like smoking flavored vapor which is very light. The problem with this is that many former smokers don’t find this to be satisfying, so they opt to get e-juice that has nicotine in it.

        If you like tobacco, they also have tobacco flavored e-juice. Try the RY4 which is a popular tobacco flavor for vapers, its a tobacco-caramel mix and tastes really good.

        If you are starting out with vaping, I would suggest you pay articular attention to the e-juice you buy. Do a Google search on e-liquids, you will find all kinds of e-liquid (organic, kosher, vitamin-infused, zero nicotine, etc.). Find flavors that you like, you won’t have a problem with variety because there are a million flavors out on the internet already made by independent, small scale businesses.

        Good luck to you!

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