My Trials Of Stop Smoking Aids

Hi everyone it’s Lucy again. Today I want to talk to you about my journey with stop smoking aids which is also known as nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). I have tried a few different kinds and not all of them have worked for me.

Since I have TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) I can’t use the gum. I have also tried lozenges, but my body and mind thought the lozenge was food and since eating is one of my triggers I would actually want a smoke after using it. And to be honest (to you reading, as well as to myself) to me the lozenge tasted horrible. It didn’t have that fruity taste I expected.

I was then told that the patch might work for me. I informed the workers at the clinic that I tried the patch several years before and had an allergic reaction to the glue that holds the patch on. Not to mention, I’m also allergic to the latex in the patch. They told me that the patches they had were latex free and that these patches were from a different company so they might be different. So I tried them…but it turns out that I once again my skin reacted. When using the patch, (for the short time I did) I also thought I could actually smell the nicotine.

The most recent aid I have tried is called “Quick Mist” and it costs around thirty-five dollars at Wal-Mart. And, I have to say that it works amazingly well. It curbs the craving for me! And the mint taste that it comes with it is not that bad. The quick mist is a spray that I spray into my mouth either in my cheek or under my tongue for maximum nicotine absorption. I would suggest the cheek if you have an intolerance to “hot” things. The mint is very minty, and under the tongue feels like having a Halls throat lozenge under my tongue (to me at least). To be honest it burned.

But, it really does stop my cravings in the 60 seconds it says it does. And it does stop me from wanting one for a few hours.

Take care and good luck.

Lucy H.

4 thoughts on “My Trials Of Stop Smoking Aids

    • Keep your chin up! After this blog went up i started using Quickmist religiously and its helps a lot. It burns when you put it under your tongue so i suggest in the cheek. It costs around 35 dollars at walmart. But, i have also been looking into the vape. In hamilton ontario there is a store called gold seal that sells starter packs for around 40-45 dollars you get two e cigs and a case and a lanyard, they also let you try out different flavours and different types of tobacco. You can do it you just need to believe. Good luck


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