The Contemplation

“To have or not to have”…that is the contemplation.

As time goes on, I thought the urge of wanting to smoke would disappear. However, I still contemplate smoking on a daily basis. Society always explores the benefits of not smoking. The benefits are always important, but to me, I feel that there are some benefits of smoking. I have created the below chart to examine what the benefits of smoking are to me and what are the benefits of staying smoke free. I used the acronym SMOKE to explain my contemplation.

Benefits of smoking Benefits of staying smoke free
Serenity-          When I smoke I feel a sense of calm Senses return-          When I do not smoke, I have better sense of smell and taste
Motivation-          When I smoke I feel more motivated to start my day Motherhood-          I am a mother and want to be a good role model
Out-          Smoking gives me a time-out. A time that I can dedicate just to myself Outside-          It is cold outside and when I am not smoking, I don’t have to keep going outside for a smoke
Kind-          Smoking keeps me less stressed and I am more kind because I am not getting upset Keep healthy-          Smoking is bad for my health. Not smoking keeps me healthy
Excited-          Smoking gives me feelings of happiness. I am more excited in my daily activities and I feel like I am a happier person. Energy-          Staying smoke free, helps my breathing and oxygen levels in my blood. This gives me an increase in energy

Of course, I know the ultimate answer that smoking is bad for me and will most likely shorten my life. I am not advocating to start smoking…just highlighting my difficulties in contemplation to myself.  Every day I wish I never started smoking…..

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