Having a positive support system

Well today I was having a very rough day. Things were just not going the way that I planned them. Everything I wanted to get done, did not, and things I didn’t think I had to deal with, came up. When I got home from class today, I walked over to the mailbox before walking to get my son from the babysitters. I expected the usual, bills, flyers, junk. But as I skimmed through I noticed a small envelope addressed to me. I didn’t even think to look at the address on the back as I opened it because I was just too curious. It was a beautiful very spring-like card; bright yellow flower, with a beautiful blue in the background as the sky.

“Hi Tracy,
Decided to respond old school and write you a note. Read your blog and wanted you to know how proud I am of you. You are such a wonderful mom and now to have also accomplished no smoking for one year and during such a stressful year is amazing. You set an example for all of us and I am so proud to be able to share in your accomplishment. I am your cheerleader for life and look forward to learning about your all your future successes as a mom, wife and strong woman! Congratulations, you are definitely one of my heroes.” I don’t think that when this wonderful woman wrote this note, that she realized the impact it would have.

(I know you are reading this by the way, and I want to say… THANK YOU!!. You as well are one of my heroes. What you do everyday for other people, is just amazing. You have more of an impact than you know, and not just on me. Your support through everything has meant the world to me.)

Everyone needs support with things at some point or another with something in their lives. I think that it is very important to make sure that the people who are helping and supporting you, know what an amazing thing they are doing. I am lucky enough to have an amazing support system behind me. Some medical professionals, some community support people, family, and friends. And to every last one of them, I say thank you. I try as often as I can to thank everyone for the help that they give me, no matter how small you may think it is… It could be a world of a difference to the person you are helping!  I wrote before about an unsupportive person, and didn’t want the supportive people in my life thinking the negative words had more of an impact than their positive words did! I could not have gotten through this without all of the positive support that I have had.