Expanding Sacred Space

This week I decided to make a vision collage of my journey to stay quit.


The egg represents my womb, which I have managed to create as a smoke free environment in the best interest of my baby and which I hope to expand to include the rest of my family and myself. Along the outside bordering the smoke filled space and the egg, reads:

sacred space no smoking beyond this point sacred space…

Inside is clear skies and fresh air. Silhouettes of myself, my husband, our baby and our dog have been cut from images of stars and space because of the vastness and bigness of it all (the quitting, the becoming parents, the pressure, the stakes, etc) and also represents expansion and my desire to create a weightless, low-stress environment that will make it easiest for me to stay quit and generally provide a healthy and safe home for my family.

I find doing this stuff helps me to imagine and give shape to my hopes, exorcise my fears and focus on the positive possibilities of what could be. Then I keep them around as a reminder, this one I will put in the little room off of my kitchen that has so long been my favorite place to unwind, open the window and smoke by myself.

Have you ever done a vision board collage? Do you have some other kind of art therapy-esque method for dealing with stress or challenges?