Loved Ones React!

Hey everyone Lucy here again. Today is going to be about reactions to my smoking, specifically my family’s reactions and including reactions from my parents, my sisters, my husband, my in-laws, and (the most important reactions to me) my daughters.

My parents found out that I started smoking when I was ten years old. They were so disappointed in me and if I am being honest, I was disappointed in myself and ashamed. I tried to stop right then and there, but I had no self-confidence and I wanted to be liked by my peers. My peers were the whole reason I started smoking in the first place. Now, I see this as the worst mistake I have ever made.

When my sisters found out that I smoked it was not as bad. My oldest sister was OK with it because as it turned out she was a smoker too. The sister that I am closest to in age was a little disappointed but she understood. She was well-liked and very pretty, so I thought I needed to do something “cool” to be like her. But now I know that I did not need to.

I smoked before I met my husband, but I told him that I was trying to quit and he was skeptical at first. Now he is my amazing support system and trying to help by being encouraging and very understanding.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child I had been quit for a month, but due to one of my old stress factors it was impossible for me to keep it up. It wasn’t until my daughter turned three and had a bigger vocabulary that she told me she didn’t like me smoking. My middle child is almost two and she is just as vocal about not wanting me to smoke. They say things to me with tears in their eyes such as “don’t go smoke first” when they want to play or read with me and I am going out for a smoke. It breaks my heart every time. Now that my youngest is six months I don’t want her say it too so I am doing everything in my power to quit.

My in-laws have never really understood why I smoke even though I only met them when I was pregnant with my first child. They don’t smoke and wish that I didn’t for both my own health as well as the health of my girls.

I feel that with those reactions and experiences behind me as well as knowing how the people I love and care about the most feel about my smoking, I can really quit for good this time.

Good luck


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