My Battle of Quitting Smoking

In my last couple of posts, I have discussed my difficulties with staying smoke free. My emotions and physical state, creates a reassurance that I am just a smoker and should not try to change this fact. Just as an alcoholic is always an alcoholic, a smoker is always a smoker.  Learning to deal with the cravings is a natural part of life now.

I feel very alone in this personal battle.  In the past, writing in the pregnet blog use to help me feel encouraged to stay smoke free. But now, writing about smoking has become more difficult because it is confirming my reality ….. “I have not won the battle to quitting”. Writing about smoking increases my cravings for a cigarette even more, but it also helps me to work through my cravings a piece at a time. Writing about smoking is making me deal with smoking cessation by making me face the facts and talk about a difficult and embarrassing topic.

I have googled ‘how to stay smoke free after pregnancy”. Other smokers have blogged and in my opinion, I feel it is helpful to put the feelings down on paper…see below link

There is a lot of information of women returning to smoking after the baby is born. The information on the internet explains it is still important to stay smoke free after pregnancy. Smoking can decrease the mother’s milk supply, it can lead to increased risk of the baby getting ear infections etc. This makes me feel like an awful mother for having a smoke here and there. Now, I don’t even know how to ask for help or support for quitting. I feel hesitant to reach out for help. I feel that I will be judged for having a smoke with a newborn baby. Does anyone else feel this nervousness when asking for help?

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