Smoking In A Different Era

Sometimes I wish I was growing up in this era. Like if I was 18 or 19 yrs old, I probably wouldn’t be a smoker. Times are different from 20 yrs ago when I started smoking. It’s not as easy to buy a pack, smoke places and there is no cool factor anymore. When I was growing up I could walk into any store and purchase cigarettes with no questions asked. Now you have to be 19 yrs and show your government photo ID. And you can’t see what you’re purchasing because all cigarettes must be covered so the public can’t see.

Kids today are way more informed, educated and dissuaded about the harms of tobacco use. With all kinds of warning labels and those true to life pictures now accompanying a cigarette pack, people are more detoured and therefore less interested in smoking. Those pictures show the cold hard health risks to the body and shows the consequences of our actions. The least it does is provided youngsters with second thoughts about lighting up.

Smoking isn’t so ‘in your face’ anymore. Advertisements for tobacco on TV, billboards and magazines are banned here in Canada and have turned into anti-smoking campaigns. There is no more DuMaurier Jazz Festival or Benson and Hedges Symphony of Fire, they are now sponsered by other companies. And it is rare now to see smoking in movies. I think all this is great. When I was growing up, smoking was all around me. This new era deters people by taking out the cool factor.

The new bi-laws that have come into effect over these past 15 yrs, for example no smoking in bars and restaurants, no smoking within 3 meters of all building entrances and no smoking in cars with minors under 16 yrs of age are all effective ways of making smoking harder. And each year new laws come into effect.

People who smoke are a dying breed. Literally, but I mean figuratively. There are less and less of us out there. I am part of that generation. It is harder and harder to enjoy oneself’s cigarette with all the new rules. I am forced to have a quick puff standing on the sidewalk. The pleasure is all but gone in public now. The only enjoyable place left is the privacy of my own home. And I bet in the future that’s the only place you will be allowed to light up. I can see a 100% smoking ban outdoors eventually coming.

I’m glad I’m on my way to quitting and am confident my child will be a non-smoker. She will be growing up in a completely different society than I did

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