Cigarette Packaging


I saw this picture above going around on social media, and it really got me thinking. Anyone who has read any of my previous posts, knows I am not a smoker anymore. And for those of you just joining now, go take a look at my other posts and check out my story!

I personally agree with the point this picture is making. It is not fair to single out smokers by putting these pictures on their cigarette packs. It is not just smokers that are indulging in something that causes harm to themselves and/or others. I think that they were on the right track bringing in the ‘gruesome’ pictures to cigarette packaging to try to scare away younger people who may not be fully informed of what smoking can do to them. But I also see that it might have been a huge waste of money to do this because even as a young smoker, I just ignored the pictures. They didn’t affect me the way that one would think they would. As for fast-food places, well there should be more advertisements on the effects of eating too much of it. There have been a few documentaries done to show what it can do to ones body, and that is good. Not everyone watches those though. Should they go as far as putting a picture of an obese person on every burger package? No, I don’t think they should.

I decided that I would speak to my husband about this, and see what he thought. While we were talking we discussed the effects of smoking on health & health care costs. Not just for the smoker, but for the people around the smoker. Asthma, diseases, cancers are not just risks for the smoker. People around the smoker who do not smoke, have had no say in being exposed to all of these toxins. Yet, they are at risk for all the same things. Littering is on the rise as well, all the cigarette butts being tossed on the ground, our playgrounds where our children play are covered as well.

Although fast-food chains and obesity may not cause as much of a risk to surrounding people as smoking would, I still think that there are still hazards. I believe that the health care costs are increasing due to the amount of obese people as well. When you are overweight, your body doesn’t function like an average persons does. There are health concerns with organs, skin, and body in this case too.

In both cases there is definitely a huge cost to the purchaser as well. Cigarettes are on the rise in price $10/pack or so now from what I understand, and fast food you’re looking at about the same price for a meal.

Should smokers be the only ones who are made an example of? No. Should fast food start to scare people the way they try to scare smokers? I don’t believe that people should have to be scared into these things. Do I think that the effects of obesity should be more known to people? Yes. At the end of the day, people are going to make their own decisions regardless. The pictures may work for some people, and not at all for others. Everyone is different.

I know that there are a few points on here that I did not go into detail about because honestly I could go on for ages about those two points, as I do have very strong opinions on them. I felt that those two examples were enough to make my point. How do you feel about things like this?

*Please note that this is not my picture, just one that I saw floating around on the internet with no concrete source of where it originated