I am happier as an ex-smoker.

While reading this article: Compared with Smokers, Former Smokers More Satisfied with Their Health, I was thinking about my life in comparison to what they were writing.

My smoking status: Quit just over one year ago.

My quality of life:
*Health: I believe that although I have struggled with my weight a bit through quitting smoking, I am overall a healthier person since I quit smoking. My lungs feel better, my mind feels better. Mentally I feel stronger than I ever have as well.

*Work: Although right now I do not work, I find that I enjoy going for walks more with my daughter, or to the park. I don’t feel awkward going to the playground and being a parent who has to walk away to have a smoke. Quitting smoking also motivated me to go to back to school and further my education.

*Relationships: I will admit that a lot of my relationships have changed. I find that I am not as close to some people in my family, because at gatherings, I do not go out for a smoke with them anymore. The same goes for even my own parents. I find that my relationship with my grandparents has gotten stronger because I see how proud they are that I quit. Most of my friends still smoke as well, some of them have adjusted and don’t even think twice about it, almost as if it has always been this way. Others, well I don’t talk to them as often because they feel like they don’t have anything in common with me if we can’t sit in a car and have a tea and smoke while we talk. Sometimes I do miss the social aspect of it, but I know that it was the right decision for myself and my family.   Regardless, I just try to take the positive out of all of it.

When I read that it shows all of these things are even better at year three, it just makes me look forward to getting through the next few years and feeling better every year. Now that our household is a little more health conscious as well, I can only imagine how great it is going to be!

I feel that if I can quit smoking, I can do anything and I try to use it as motivation for everything that I can.