Through my last blog, I discussed someone who quit smoking by setting a quit date.  As I mentioned, this blog I am going to be discussing my closest friends experience with e-cigarettes.  But before I get to our mini interview, I would just like to discuss my personal opinions on e-cigarettes.

Personally, I do not believe in using e-cigarettes. I had thought about it, and looked into it briefly though.  For me, it was just substituting my bad habit, with another bad habit.  One that was still going to cost me money, and from recent articles (http://goo.gl/LTaAYd) still affect my health as well. I thought that it was interesting you could buy different flavours and colours to suit your individuality.

Here are some questions I asked D.

Me – Why did you decide to try using e-cigarettes?

D – I had heard the e-cigarette was a successful tool to use while quitting.  Several people that I had talked to had found it successful, and also a friend of mine did as well.

Me – What is the cost like in comparison to cigarettes?

D – If I were to continue using it, and successful quit, it would save me around $100 a month.

Me – How long have you been using yours?

D – I have been using it for around two months now.

Me – Do you think after trying it, that it will be effective in helping you quit smoking?

D – I personally don’t feel like it is effective, but I also don’t think I am fully ready to quit. I believe that you have to be in that mind frame and I am not yet.  I don’t feel enough of a reason to quit right now, although I do realized how bad it is for my health.

Me – How long have you been smoking?

D – I have smoked for 13 years off and on

Me – What is your biggest trigger to smoke?

D – Stress is my biggest trigger, as well as when I consume alcohol.

Me – Have you ever quit smoking? If so, what method did you use then? How long were you able to quit for? And why (if you did) did you start smoking again?

D – There have been times where I was severely ill and did not smoke, but once better I would start back up again.

Me – Have you tried any other methods of quitting?

D – I have tried cold turkey. It only seems to work when I am sick.

One thing that really stood out to me through D’s interview was that just because one method works for one person, does not mean it will work for another.  Although personally I already felt like that was true, it has been interesting to see that others feel this way too.  Another thing that I found interesting was how through K and D’s interviews, it has been discussed by both that you have to be ready to quit, and if you aren’t, that you are less likely to be successful with quitting.

For my next blog, I will talk about my experience asking a friend from a local mommy group some questions and talking a bit about using a nicotine patch for quitting.