Nicotine Patches

As I mentioned in my last post about e-cigarettes, I am going to be writing about nicotine patches this time.  I would just like to re-cap a little first.  In the past few postings, I have discussed briefly quitting cold turkey randomly, quitting cold turkey with a quit date, e-cigarettes and now the nicotine patches.  I have shared my personal experience, and close friends of mine who have had different experiences.  This time I will be sharing with you a mini interview with a friend on local social media mommy group.  Her experience was unique to me as she had an allergic reaction to wearing a nicotine patch.   I did not even realize it could happen until she mentioned it, but found it interesting to look up.

Here is my interview with T.

Me – Did you try to quit when you found out you were pregnant?

T – I have had five babies & they are from the ages of 4-19. With the first two I really wasn’t educated on it and just continued smoking. With the last 3 I tried to cut down with the intentions of quitting but never actually quit.

Me – Did you try to quit any other time? If so, how?

T – Yes, I tried to quit using the patch, but had an allergic reaction to it.

Me – How long did it take to realize you had a reaction?

T – I used it for quite a few days, and had a few small bumps and a bit of itchiness where the patch was, but assumed that was just normal.  When I spoke to my doctor about it, and noticed that the small bumps had turned into large hives, I realized it was a reaction.

Me – Do you think it would have been an effective way for you to quit smoking had you not had that reaction?

T – Yes, because I had actually cut back drastically on my smoking while wearing it.

Me – How long have you been a smoker?

T – I have been a smoker since I was about 15-16 years old.

Me – Do you think your child/children are worse off because you smoked?

T – I do not think that my children are worse off because I smoked and it never affected their birth weight at all. My smallest baby was 7 pounds 2 ounces and my biggest baby was 10 pounds. None of them seem to have any asthma or anything either.

Me – How did you feel smoking in public when you were pregnant?

T – With the first two I never even thought it was wrong to be smoking in public with being pregnant but as the years went on with the last three I definitely felt the judgement more.

Me – Did you face a lot of criticism? If so, how did you handle it?

T – With the last three I found that I had a lot more criticism then in the earlier ages. For example, with my last one I asked someone for a lighter and they refused to give me a light because I was pregnant. I also found that I would hide to smoke more with the last three pregnancies.

Me – What is/was your biggest trigger to smoke?

T – My biggest trigger for smoking is when I get stressed out or right after I eat.

This experience is obviously just one person, and many people do find the patch to work well for them.  Although not everyone is going to have this type of reaction to using the patch, it is still a possibility.  I believe that when trying to quit smoking, everyone should try to speak with their health care professional to discuss different options, and try to figure out what is the best method for you.

I would also like to add that although T’s children have not have any negative health effects from smoking during her first pregnancies, she did realize as time went on that even though she was unable to quit completely during her later pregnancies, she did try to cut back for health reasons.  This is a subject that I touched on in my post “You smoke?… But aren’t you pregnant?“.  I had a couple of comments on that posting as well about whether or not my children had any issues due to smoking while pregnant with them, feel free to go over and check it out!

There are so many options and ways to quit smoking, one of the most common things though from speaking to quite a few people is that it seems you really have to be ready to quit.  If you are not ready, it does not seem to work, no matter what the method is!  Some people may need to try to quit multiple times, and some may need to try multiple ways to quit.  There are many resources that you can use to help you along the way.  Getting support from places like the Pregnets blog, local mommy groups, and of course your health care professional are crucial if you are struggling to quit smoking.  I hope that if you are looking to quit smoking, that you are ready and find a method that works for you!