A Letter To My Husband

Hello everyone, Lucy here again, today’s blog is a letter to my husband. A fair warning it might get a little gushy so if lovey dovey stuff is not for you.. well I would say turn away now but honestly, I hope even if its not for you, you still read this letter with hopes of finding the strength to quit smoking.

My dearest husband,

I want to start off by saying I love you very much. You are my rock when I’m not strong enough to get through some things on my own. You have always been there for me for the last five years and I don’t think I could have accomplished so much without you. But alas I have at least one more favour to ask of you. I need your support and love during my quitting smoking, no matter how crabby I may get I need you to be there and be my rock.

I know these past few months have not been the best in our household, but we have gotten through it, together. With all the set backs we’ve been having lately with our family I know I can count on you to see me through. When the children’s aid first got involved with us you kept me strong and kept me from giving up. Then when the police became involved you made me remember that it was just a part of their process. And when they charged us with no real evidence and took away our right to see our girls you told me that it was just temporary and we will see them again. Each time I was close to quitting and one of these things happened you told me not to give up hope on the case or quitting. You keep me strong with everything. Your help with my quitting smoking has been unbelievable. There aren’t enough words on earth to express my gratitude towards you.

When I think of all the times you have helped me get back on track when I’ve almost given up it fills me with hope and love. Love for you, that even though it is not your time to quit you still help me. And hope, that I can actually do it. You are one of the four best things to happen to me. You are an amazing husband and father, I am so proud to call you mine. Our girls look up to you and know how a man should act and I am grateful for that. I know quitting for you is hard right now but your support in my need to quit has been unbelievable. Every time I felt like I couldn’t quit you were right there reminding me the reasons of why I wanted to in the first place. You are my soul mate, my rock, and my best friend. With you by my side I know I can do anything.

I love you, and I plan to spend the rest of our lives together.

Love, Lucy

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