The philosophy of life and death cultivates questions that all humans struggle with.  We strive to live, and avoid death. Yet our lifestyles tend to kill us.

According to Statistics Canada, See attached Link

The Top Ten Causes of Death

  1. Cancer – 72,476
  2. Heart Disease – 47,627
  3. Stroke – 13,283
  4. Chronic lower respiratory diseases – 11, 184
  5. Accidents – 10, 716
  6. Diabetes – 7, 194
  7. Alzheimer’s – 6, 356
  8. Influenza and Pneumonia – 5, 767
  9. Suicide – 3, 728
  10. Kidney disease – 3, 294

The top 4 causes of death listed by Statistic Canada can all be linked or associated to smoking.  As if we didn’t know already, smoking kills…and it kills quite frequently.  So why do we do it?  Many would say it is just a bad habit.  Some say they like it.  Some say they have attempted to quit, but failed.  But I would postulate that most people feel, in the end, that they need to smoke.  The fact remains, that smoking kills.

The addiction of smoking is causing death, so then why is our natural instinct to survive not overcoming the addiction? Why is it so hard to link death to smoking in our minds? For example, if you are walking down the street and see a building on fire, your natural instinct would be NOT to run into the building. This basic survival instinct is hardwired to our consciousness. But when it comes to smoking our natural instinct is not triggered.  Maybe because the time between Cause “smoking” and the Effect “cancer” is separated by time. The action of smoking and the effect is not seen immediately.

In pregnancy, I feel that our natural instinct of immediate effect on the fetus causes us to stop or quit smoking. In my experience, I went into a ‘panic and protect’ mode when I became pregnant. My first response was panic because I was smoking the first few weeks of my pregnancy and I knew I needed to quit for the health of the baby. Then amazingly the protective quality took over and provided the remedy to the panic and the addiction. Protecting the baby became the addiction not the cigarette. Once my baby was born, my natural instinct to protect my baby changed because he was no longer inside of me.  Also, I think that after 9 months of pregnancy, I was looking forward to “getting back to normal”. Whether it was my body, my mind,… etc.  Unfortunately, smoking was a part of my life before my pregnancy, and I did start to crave the moment when I could have that long awaited puff.



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