A Letter To My future Self

Hello all its Lucy again, this is my last blog for you so I better make it a good one eh? So I think in this one I will be writing a letter to my future self.

Dear Lucy,

I am so proud of us! We did it! We quit smoking and our family is back together. I know we’ve tried so many times to quit smoking and most of them was to no avail. But the last one was the right one, with the will power of us, the help of our husband and our three beautiful girls I knew we could do it.

We are strong and amazing, we have been through so much and we have made it through. I hope that when others read our blogs, our story and our hope will help them with their quest to quit. We need to keep the fight going for others as well as our self. If our girls ever start smoking I hope we show them these blogs and talk to them about the dangers and hardships of smoking and quitting. But most of all I hope that we don’t make them feel bad for starting, and I hope we show compassion towards them and help them if the ask.

I know everyday will be a struggle but hopefully that will lessen as each day passes. Keep on fighting the good fight. Know that we are loved by our wonderful husband, amazing girls and by us. Remember that and we will be the happiest person that ever lived.



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