My next steps…

Wow…time has gone by so fast. I still remember writing my first blog on Pregnets. Over the year, my life has changed drastically. I have given birth to a wonderful baby boy. Throughout my blogs my smoking challenges have been illustrated. When I was pregnant, cigarette smoke made me sick and was not easy to remove totally from my life, however after giving birth smoking is something I crave and I am struggling with limiting smoking on a daily basis. My priorities changed from the moment I got pregnant, because I want to protect my son but it was and is still hard.

Being a blogger on Pregnets, has helped me to work through my thoughts on smoking and has helped me find my personal strengths to deal with smoking. Sometimes, when I am writing, I feel that I am the only one that will understand these difficulties and challenges with being a smoker or an ex-smoker. However, throughout my blogging I have received feedback on how my blogs have been helpful. This concludes “we are not alone in these challenges”. To my readers, even though you might feel alone in your smoking addiction, remember we all feel similar emotions and it is tough.

This is my last blog….firstly I want to thank my readers and I hope I was helpful in your smoking challenge. Now….what are my next steps?

I will continue to work on my smoking challenges, I will have new struggles and I will overcome them.  I will take it a day at a time. I want to have another baby, and smoking in preconception can affect my fertility.

My goal in this challenge is to be smoke free or reduce the number of smokes per day

My objective is to protect my son and any future children.  Furthermore, to live a healthy lifestyle

My action plan is to take it a day at a time and not be hard on myself. To ask for help when needed, because asking for help does not make me weak.

My strategy is to keep a journal with my thoughts and feelings. To keep my home smoke free. To have positive statements and inspirational quotes to increase my self-esteem.

What are your goals objectives, action plan and strategy?

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