My Experience

Well everyone who has been following my posts, I thank you very much for the support! This will be my final post 🙂

What has it been like blogging for Pregnets?

My experience being a blogger for Pregnets has been wonderful. I have thoroughly enjoyed every step of the way. It has made me realize how much I like to write, but also how much I like to read as well. It has made me dig deeper into some of my own thoughts about my smoking/my quitting. It has also brought me closer with my husband after we had a chance to discuss how he has been feeling through this process.  It was interesting for me to discuss with so many other people their experiences, and the methods that they chose to use/try.

How does it feel to discuss my experiences on a blog?

Personally, I have felt great being able to openly discuss my experience with people. Not just my friends or family, but people all over. I feel that writing this blog has helped me to remain smoke free, and to remember why I wanted to, and became smoke free in the first place. I have grown, and experienced a lot through this process, and as much as I say I will never have another cigarette again, some very stressful & tragic issues lately made me realize that the craving/habit can still come up. I fought through, just like I will any other time I am faced with those feelings. Nothing is worth becoming a smoker again. Nothing is worth my health and happiness, nor my children’s. Being an ex-smoker is one of my biggest accomplishments in life. In discussing my experience through this blog, I hope that maybe I have reached even just one person, and made them stop and think that yes they can do it too. It will not be easy, there will always be challenges, but it is so worth it in the end.

Would I recommend this opportunity to other women with similar experiences?

I would definitely recommend this opportunity to other women. I feel that it has almost been like a form of therapy for me to help deal with a more mental aspect of quitting smoking. I have had to think about so many things, why I started, why I shouldn’t have started. Affects it may have on my children, and why I need to stay smoke free. Those are just a very few things I have had to analyze while doing this, there are so many more.

I would like to thank Pregnets very much for the opportunity to take part in this blog, I would also like to wish good luck to everyone out there who is pregnant and trying to quit, has quit or even still just trying to figure out how! 🙂

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