Benefit of Blogging #2: There are Practical Benefits to the Writing Process

Welcome to part 2 in our series of blog posts highlighting some of the major lessons we learned from our conversations with Pregnets bloggers.

Lesson #2: The physical writing process can be beneficial

All five bloggers we spoke to expressed that they found the process of writing to be beneficial for different reasons. One blogger liked writing because it kept her hands busy. Sometimes cravings can be so strong that it is difficult to think of anything but smoking…that’s why Pregnets recommends doing something that keeps your mind and body busy to distract yourself when you have a craving. Writing is a great way to not only keep your mind and hands occupied, it’s also a great way to self-reflect (see our last blog post!) and express yourself.

Most women we spoke to said they found the writing process to be “therapeutic.” For example, one blogger shared “Blogging was something that was so therapeutic … I had to get myself to write down my emotions. I kinda made some personal commitments where I’m going to have my own goals and objectives and what I’m going to do to help myself and my husband, and to have a healthy smoke- free household and family.” She appreciated the structure that blogging provided and liked how writing down her thoughts and plans helped her work through her “little challenges instead of ignoring them.”

Whatever reason you choose for writing, whatever you choose to write about, and whatever you choose to do with your writings, Pregnets hopes you will gain the same benefits from writing as our bloggers did. One great place to get started is the Pregnets Discussion Board, where you can join discussions with women from the Pregnets community. Happy writing everyone!

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