What Do Health Care Providers Think of Pregnets?

Dear Readers,

Although the Pregnets blog has now come to an end, we are still dedicated to providing resources and information on our website, Discussion Board, Facebook Page, Twitter, and here on our blog. In June 2015, we conducted a survey with Pregnets users to get feedback on how we’re doing.  We were happy to learn we have a large audience of health care practitioners from across Ontario who were kind enough to share their thoughts and feedback on how Pregnets has been useful for them! 

Out of the 120 health care practitioners that responded to our survey, the largest concentration – nearly 71% – were based at public health units or family health teams across Ontario. Here are some interesting results we found:

Nurses are our main audience: Nearly half of our survey respondents were nurses. Other users included health promoters, educators and pharmacists.

Pregnets is a shareable resource: 65% of respondents have recommended Pregnets as a resource to other health care providers.

Pregnets is a reliable source of evidence-based guidance: Over half of health care practitioners use Pregnets to:

  • Find information on pregnancy/post-pregnancy and smoking
  • Learn what it offers so that they can recommend Pregnets to clients
  • Find tools/evidence to apply to their practice

Pregnets is useful! 85% of respondents reported that Pregnets provided them with useful information, and with the information they were looking for.

Pregnets is relevant: Almost half of health care practitioners reported visiting the Pregnets website at least once within 6 months of completing the survey. This tells us that Pregnets is still relevant to health care practitioners looking for information on pregnancy and smoking.


If you want to share any other thoughts or feedback, please comment below and let us know how Pregnets has been useful for you! You can also contact us via email at pregnets@camh.ca.


~Pregnets Team

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