Serving the Needs of Nurses Across Ontario

Hello readers,

In our last post, we talked about what exactly health care practitioners are saying about the Pregnets blog. They recognize it as a rich source of knowledge to learn about women’s lived experiences with pregnancy and smoking, and they understand its value to their patients. Nurses, who are an integral part of a health care practice, are usually the first primary care practitioner that patients interact with. Nearly 50% of Pregnets survey responders were nurses; in each type of organization surveyed, nurses were the predominant respondents:

  • 50% of survey takers in community health centers were nurses
  • 75% of survey takers in family health teams were nurses
  • 69% of survey takers in public health units were nurses

Why do nurses use Pregnets?

  • 73% of nurses reported using Pregnets – the website, discussion board, and blog – to learn more information on pregnancy/post-pregnancy and smoking
  • 53% of nurses said they use Pregnets to find tools/evidence to apply to their practice
  • 46% of nurses enjoy learning what Pregnets offers so that they can recommend it to their clients

What kind of tools do nurses use to apply to their practice?

  • 44% of nurses listed using resources as their primary tool from Pregnets. Resources include BEST START brochures, literature reviews, webinar series, etc.
  • 33% of nurses used clinical practice guidelines such as CAN-ADAPTT (Canadian Action Network for the Advancement, Dissemination and Adoption of Practice-informed Tobacco Treatment). CAN-ADAPTT is a smoking cessation clinical practice guideline and knowledge exchange network for health care practitioners, researchers and policymakers across Canada.

We are thrilled to learn that nurses are also spreading the word about Pregnets! Nearly 63% disclosed that they recommend Pregnets to their clients and 68% of nurses recommend it to colleagues and other health care practitioners. We are very grateful for your support and hope to keep serving your information needs for years to come.

~Pregnets Team

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