Welcoming a new baby girl

I recently gave birth to my second daughter via c-section and during the days leading up to her arrival I was very nervous about the effects that my smoking would cause her. Luckily, my smoking during pregnancy did not cause either of my children to have any health problems, but some woman aren’t so lucky. My mother was a smoker, a heavy smoker at that while she was pregnant with me many years ago. I was born premature and was in the hospital for several weeks after my birth with respiratory problems. Throughout my childhood I was in and out of the hospital (usually due to my asthma). My mom was able to quit the habit when I was about 4 years old and thankfully I was able to pretty much grow out of the asthma and respiratory problems I once faced. I would be lying if I didn’t admit how scared I am that my child is going to face the same issues when she is born, so I will continue to try my hardest to cut back and kick the habit for good. Continue reading

“Positive anything is better than negative nothing”

Are you pregnant? And still smoking cigarettes?

If so then I am sure you can understand the feeling when people give you that look of disgust when they see you smoking or purchasing a pack of cigarettes. For me, these looks are insulting, degrading and make me feel ashamed and embarrassed. So why not just quit?  I know it is easier said than done, and I can honestly say I am trying so hard to quit. Continue reading

Walking without a crutch

I was doing so well with my tobacco intake. Even though I had not completely quit I had myself down to less than half a pack of cigarettes a day, which is personally very good for me. Now, here come my excuses: currently I have been going through a lot. I have recently had to file for custody of my daughter, which means past memories of an abusive relationship have been replayed over and over again in my mind. I have also had some health issues arise, which on its own seems like enough to give somebody that extra push to quit, but unfortunately for me it has added stress and increased my tobacco intake. I feel that smoking gives me a slight relief from the stress but many people would say that it is all in my head. Instead of focusing on the slight relief I feel after having a cigarette, I need to remember the harm that it is doing to my body. Continue reading

Embarrassed? Ashamed? Guilty?

These are feelings that may come every time a cigarette is inhaled, especially when your’re pregnant and expecting, but still smoking. No matter how hard I try I just can’t seem to kick the habit, and I am sure I’m not alone.

My name is Llew and I’ve been a smoker for about 9 years. I am 24 years old and currently pregnant with my second child., I have a beautiful daughter who is soon to turn 3. Unfortunately I could not bring myself to quit smoking during my first pregnancy, and it’s looking to be the same for my second as I am currently around 32 weeks pregnant and still smoking. Continue reading