Serving the Needs of Nurses Across Ontario

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In our last post, we talked about what exactly health care practitioners are saying about the Pregnets blog. They recognize it as a rich source of knowledge to learn about women’s lived experiences with pregnancy and smoking, and they understand its value to their patients. Nurses, who are an integral part of a health care practice, are usually the first primary care practitioner that patients interact with. Nearly 50% of Pregnets survey responders were nurses; in each type of organization surveyed, nurses were the predominant respondents: Continue reading

What are Health Care Providers Saying About the Pregnets Blog?

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As we shared in our last post, we’ve received feedback from 120 health care practitioners about their experience with Pregnets. Overall, they find our website to be shareable, reliable, useful and relevant!

We already know that women find blogging for Pregnets beneficial as it provides them with an opportunity for self-reflection, connection with peers, and a boost in social support. But health care practitioners can also benefit from reading the Pregnets blog! From their responses to our feedback survey, we learned that one out of six health care practitioners use Pregnets to read our blog. Why? Continue reading

What Do Health Care Providers Think of Pregnets?

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Although the Pregnets blog has now come to an end, we are still dedicated to providing resources and information on our website, Discussion Board, Facebook Page, Twitter, and here on our blog. In June 2015, we conducted a survey with Pregnets users to get feedback on how we’re doing.  We were happy to learn we have a large audience of health care practitioners from across Ontario who were kind enough to share their thoughts and feedback on how Pregnets has been useful for them!  Continue reading

Benefit of Blogging #4: A Boost in Social Support

Welcome to the final post in our series of blog posts highlighting some of the major lessons we learned from our conversations with Pregnets bloggers.

Lesson #4: Blogging can increase your sense of support from people in your life

In our last post, we began talking about the social benefits of blogging. Bloggers appreciated feeling a connection with their peers in the Pregnets community, including fellow bloggers. In this final post on the benefits of blogging, we will discuss the support that Pregnets bloggers received from the people in their lives – a partner, family members, friends, and/or Pregnets staff. Continue reading

Benefit of Blogging #3: Feeling a Connection with Peers

Welcome to part 3 in our series of blog posts highlighting some of the major lessons we learned from our conversations with Pregnets bloggers.

Lesson #3: Blogging provides a sense of community with your peers

As we’ve discussed in our last two posts, the process of blogging provides some personal benefits including acting as a distraction from cravings, and offering a chance for self-reflection. What about the social benefits of blogging?  Continue reading