Quitting Smoking

There aren’t any easy ways to quit smoking. No matter how you do it there will be challenges. Over my next few blogs I will discuss a few different ways to quit; how I did it and what I learnt from friends who have quit recently quit. I will start with myself. For those of you who have not read my previous posts, there is one discussing my journey with smoking while pregnant and also while breastfeeding. But I have also discussed when I quit. I had no plans to quit when I did. To sum it up, I was in labour and driving to the hospital (I would not recommend going alone if you don’t have to… But especially not driving yourself) so I figured I would have my last smoke before they admitted me. Then as I flicked it out the window I decided it would be my last smoke ever. And it was. Cold turkey worked for me, but I know it obviously won’t work for everyone. Whether or not it is “safe” for you to do at any point in your pregnancy is something you need to discuss with your doctor. I always used it as an excuse not to quit. I thought it would put my baby into shock. I was told different by my OB. He encouraged me to quit sooner, but I chose not to.  Continue reading

Smoking After Giving Birth

I wanted to think I would have a seamless transition of staying an ex-smoker after childbirth. Sadly no, that was not the case. Here are some reasons why:

Even though this birthing experience was slightly shorter than my first and second, bringing another person into this world is hard work! After the stress and worry was finally over (for that phase of parenthood) I really, really had the urge to “calm down”, “take the edge off” or “reward myself” with a cigarette.

  • I’m not exactly one that loves staying hospitals and a couple quick “mommy-breaks” were needed.
  • Once we got home, there was still a need for that mommy-break.

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Letter to My Unborn Baby

Dear Baby,

The expected due date for your arrival is Dec 27, 2014. I cannot wait to meet you. Words cannot describe how special and important you are to me. However, today I am writing you this letter to try to express a tiny glimpse of my affection towards you.

Little baby boy, you have been my strength and my inspiration. When I received my results of being pregnant, my attitude and decisions in life changed drastically. I have a natural need to protect and give you security. I love you more than you can imagine. Continue reading

Welcoming a new baby girl

I recently gave birth to my second daughter via c-section and during the days leading up to her arrival I was very nervous about the effects that my smoking would cause her. Luckily, my smoking during pregnancy did not cause either of my children to have any health problems, but some woman aren’t so lucky. My mother was a smoker, a heavy smoker at that while she was pregnant with me many years ago. I was born premature and was in the hospital for several weeks after my birth with respiratory problems. Throughout my childhood I was in and out of the hospital (usually due to my asthma). My mom was able to quit the habit when I was about 4 years old and thankfully I was able to pretty much grow out of the asthma and respiratory problems I once faced. I would be lying if I didn’t admit how scared I am that my child is going to face the same issues when she is born, so I will continue to try my hardest to cut back and kick the habit for good. Continue reading

Think Nicotine Calms You Physically? Think Again.

As a smoker, I always thought that taking that edge off of my nicotine cravings helped to ease my nerves by having a cigarette. The habit/addiction led my brain to believe that having a cigarette calmed me down.

It wasn’t until I started attending my smoking cessation counselling that I learned that nicotine actually makes peoples’ blood pressure and heart rate higher. In fact, the nurses in this program check my blood pressure at every appointment to make sure it hasn’t dipped too low after quitting smoking. It was insightful and a welcomed change to SEE how quitting affected my blood pressure. Continue reading