Through my last blog, I discussed someone who quit smoking by setting a quit date.  As I mentioned, this blog I am going to be discussing my closest friends experience with e-cigarettes.  But before I get to our mini interview, I would just like to discuss my personal opinions on e-cigarettes.

Personally, I do not believe in using e-cigarettes. Continue reading

I Quit Smoking in Pregnancy…

When I self-reflect on my journey of quitting smoking in pregnancy, I am not sure what actually triggered me to stop. There are a couple of components that I ponder:

  • Smoking in pregnancy has been labeled in society as “Taboo”. Was it societal pressure that made me quit?
  • Smoking in pregnancy can cause preterm labour, and other complications. Was it my maternal instinct to protect and care for my baby, which gave me courage to quit smoking?
  • The smell of smoke in pregnancy made me feel nauseas and triggered vomiting. Did this physiological symptom help me quit?

The obvious question that I am trying to answer is…….How did I quit smoking in pregnancy? Continue reading