Quitting Smoking

There aren’t any easy ways to quit smoking. No matter how you do it there will be challenges. Over my next few blogs I will discuss a few different ways to quit; how I did it and what I learnt from friends who have quit recently quit. I will start with myself. For those of you who have not read my previous posts, there is one discussing my journey with smoking while pregnant and also while breastfeeding. But I have also discussed when I quit. I had no plans to quit when I did. To sum it up, I was in labour and driving to the hospital (I would not recommend going alone if you don’t have to… But especially not driving yourself) so I figured I would have my last smoke before they admitted me. Then as I flicked it out the window I decided it would be my last smoke ever. And it was. Cold turkey worked for me, but I know it obviously won’t work for everyone. Whether or not it is “safe” for you to do at any point in your pregnancy is something you need to discuss with your doctor. I always used it as an excuse not to quit. I thought it would put my baby into shock. I was told different by my OB. He encouraged me to quit sooner, but I chose not to.  Continue reading

I Quit Smoking in Pregnancy…

When I self-reflect on my journey of quitting smoking in pregnancy, I am not sure what actually triggered me to stop. There are a couple of components that I ponder:

  • Smoking in pregnancy has been labeled in society as “Taboo”. Was it societal pressure that made me quit?
  • Smoking in pregnancy can cause preterm labour, and other complications. Was it my maternal instinct to protect and care for my baby, which gave me courage to quit smoking?
  • The smell of smoke in pregnancy made me feel nauseas and triggered vomiting. Did this physiological symptom help me quit?

The obvious question that I am trying to answer is…….How did I quit smoking in pregnancy? Continue reading