Having a positive support system

Well today I was having a very rough day. Things were just not going the way that I planned them. Everything I wanted to get done, did not, and things I didn’t think I had to deal with, came up. When I got home from class today, I walked over to the mailbox before walking to get my son from the babysitters. I expected the usual, bills, flyers, junk. But as I skimmed through I noticed a small envelope addressed to me. I didn’t even think to look at the address on the back as I opened it because I was just too curious. It was a beautiful very spring-like card; bright yellow flower, with a beautiful blue in the background as the sky. Continue reading

Men and Women – Equal rights (or responsibility?) for the unborn child

As I continue my research on smoking and pregnancy, I have developed new insight on parents choices and the unborn child. Society and science have emphasized that maternal smoking is a major hazard to the unborn child. Smoking reduces the supply of oxygen and can decrease fetal growth and development. As I continue to research the effects of smoking, there is growing evidence that a father’s smoking may also affect fetal development. Continue reading