Thank you from Pregnets!

Dear readers,

We are so proud of the incredible year we’ve had with the Pregnets blog! As the first phase of the blog wraps up, we wanted to express our gratitude for the incredible support we’ve received over the past year.

Thank you bloggers!
We want to thank our bloggers, Deborah, Llew, Lucy, Melissa, Nathalie, Ruma, and Tracie, for sharing their heartfelt reflections with the Pregnets community. The Pregnets Team was thrilled to learn that the writing process helped our bloggers in their quit journeys and that they may continue to share their stories with Pregnets from time to time to update us on the new successes and challenges they face along the way.

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Identity and Being Part of a Club

With my due date around the corner, this will probably be my last post as a pregnant woman. I’ve just become used to being a part of this club and have really loved the experience of being pregnant, connecting with other moms and their experiences, the knowing looks and even the advice from random strangers in the street. Thinking about the next club I will be a part of, the mom club, has got me thinking about identity and how our circumstances and shared experiences with peers shape that identity. I once heard it said that the world of adults is separated by those who have kids and those who don’t, and I have certainly never crossed such a huge threshold before in my life as the one I am about to cross—from child to parent. Continue reading

Once Upon a Time Ruma Quit Smoking… is it THE END?

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ruma. She was a smoker and knew smoking was bad for her health and the health of her future pregnancies and children. In 2014 Ruma found out she was pregnant and quit smoking cold turkey. As the nicotine detoxified from her body, she gained many health benefits. Her senses returned, and she was feeling an increase in energy and motivation. She felt secure that she was giving her baby a healthy environment to grow. Ruma had a healthy baby boy and they lived smoke free happily ever after….THE END.

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Top 10 Fails and Top 10 Wins in My Battle to Stay Quit

Ten ways in which I feel I am failing my quitting smoking battle:

  1. I feel like I am running out of time to do the work of convincing myself to stay quit after the baby comes.
  2. I have been putting off setting up supports and a plan for dealing with triggers post birth (not so much on purpose but there are just so many other things to prepare and complete before the big day that I haven’t given much time to this one).
  3. I still see myself as a smoker in many ways.
  4. I fear that once I am not sharing my body with my baby all of my reasons and reasoning will go out the window.
  5. I attribute all my will power to being pregnant and don’t allow myself to own/be proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish so far because I am filled with self-doubt about my ability to stay quit.
  6. I don’t know how or what I should be doing to prepare myself for staying quit on my own after the baby comes, i.e. I feel lost still.
  7. People keep warning me about the sleep deprivation to come and that terrifies me because I crave cigarettes the most when I am tired and my resilience is low.
  8. I still want to smoke and feel like if I knew when that would just go away forever that I could at least count that down but the fact that it feels like I will struggle with it forever is debilitating and frustrating to say the least.
  9. I’m still dreaming about smoking.
  10. I’m still thinking about smoking in my waking hours as well.

10 ways I am succeeding in my quitting smoking battle:
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My Battle of Quitting Smoking

In my last couple of posts, I have discussed my difficulties with staying smoke free. My emotions and physical state, creates a reassurance that I am just a smoker and should not try to change this fact. Just as an alcoholic is always an alcoholic, a smoker is always a smoker.  Learning to deal with the cravings is a natural part of life now.

I feel very alone in this personal battle.  In the past, writing in the pregnet blog use to help me feel encouraged to stay smoke free. But now, writing about smoking has become more difficult because it is confirming my reality ….. “I have not won the battle to quitting”. Continue reading

Stop Should-ing on Pregnant Women

It’s hard to be a pregnant feminist (read: pregnant woman). All the demands and restrictions, shouldn’ts and responsibility; it’s enough to drive a woman to smoke!

We shouldn’t dye our hair, have too much sugar, soft cheese, rare steak, certain fish, many kinds of herbs and teas (one site I consulted listed pretty much every herb and included ginger and “medicinal amounts of garlic”, whatever that is.), one friend even told me (unsolicited) that he read somewhere that I shouldn’t drink pop. We shouldn’t have vigorous sex, or bend over in certain ways later into our pregnancy, or sleep on our backs, or stomachs or change the cat litter, or be around paint fumes, or be in a hot tub or carry heavy things, etc etc. When I googled “pregnant women shouldn’t…” I learned we shouldn’t actually  “eat for two” (in case we might have misunderstood that expression and just listened to our bodies) and of course the most frequent and stern of warnings and judgments are reserved for pregnant women who drink!  Continue reading

To Guilt or Not to Guilt

First an update on my last blag:  Since my last blog regarding gestational diabetes, I was retested and I do not have it, not even close. I should add that 20% of women who take the test have a “higher than normal levels” result the first time around and only 5% of those women actually have it upon re testing (also women 25 or younger are not even tested for this). Though this information was available to me before, I wasn’t hearing any of it at the time anyways.

To Guilt or Not to Guilt

I have always thought anti-smoking campaigns that use guilt to get people to quit smoking are coercive and ineffective. The more I feel like a jerk > the more I feel alienated from people > the more I want to smoke. Continue reading